It would be great if a scientist/astronomer/mathematician could get together and confirm my hypothesis.

My hypothesis is as the title indicates. Anomalies are interesting to humans as pointed out in this article from Gizmodo. I made a comment about the shape being that of a lens. The inner and outer rings could indicate a shape perhaps like a convex/cave bend in the galaxy. Scientists today already use existing galaxies as telescopes.


First let me talk briefly about The Great Filter. Each yellow bar in the below graphic is a type of scientific discovery. Perhaps fire, guns, atomic bomb (currently where we are). The idea is that some technology can be dangerous to a populace that is not yet ready for it. Perhaps time travel is the orange barrier ahead of us at the type 1 civilization that can harness it’s solar systems power. The idea is that perhaps many civilizations pop up, but they end up destroying themselves with their technologies.

Image: The Great Filter (source:

If sentient life is such a rare occurrence and getting through the Great Filter is ultra rare, then if any other civilizations did popup, and stabilize, it makes sense they may have spotted us, and then decided to watch us. Wouldn’t we do the same?


The Kardashev scale shows us that a civilization this advanced could manipulate the galaxy and shape it to their will.

I didn’t think much more of the novel idea, and simple reply in the comments section of the article, until another commentator pointed out a SECOND ringed galaxy existed behind the first!


This ringed galaxy was said to be the only kind known, which means the user SkipErnst discovered the second. Not to undermine the first discovery but to underscore it, it makes it that much more incredible! It also backs up my theory of a lens. Two in the same direction that line up with Earth in it’s “sights”. To me this is enough evidence to warrant further investigation and serious consideration of other sentient and far more advanced civilization in the universe, specifically in this vary narrow corner now sighted in for us.

Just as Humans sent out the Pioneer Plaque to let other life in the universe we existed, perhaps this is the remnants of a type 3 civilization. Perhaps they still exist.


Edit: Was a fun thought but it seems gravitational lensing happens when using clusters of galaxies, not just a single galaxy. The focus would be minute. Still even minute is measurable and perhaps a type 3 civilization could make better use of the effect than we can today.

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