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Net Neutrality: The Truth/Facts (how it affects you!)

POS Trump appointed Ajit Pai, the senior Republican on the Federal Communications Commission, a board of only 5 members. Pai would like to dis-assemble Net neutrality laws. The Republicans package the idea as “we don’t need regulations we want a free and open internet”, but the slight of hand is an omission of facts, in lieu they use alt-facts (a.k.a. bullshit).


The truth is that these companies are private companies and can choose what to allow or restrict data on their own networks at will. They are not government run and regulated, therefore they can choose to charge you more money at will for different information, or the same information in a different area. Or if the weather goes up and the wind changes direction. they can charge pricing whatever they want, and without competition (merging of large companies that don’t compete against one another on purpose), the customer (you!) is left paying exuberant prices for less services and most importantly, less accurate information. They could choose to only allow alt-rght-alt-facts sites to their customers, who would then be none-the-wiser.

In this day and age where our news cannot be trusted the public if left to research themselves with the greatest human invention of all time, the internet.


Restricting what it shows is akin to the burning of the great Alexandrian Library by Napoleons forces. An atrocity and loss of human knowledge by the greatest means to date. A truly despicable action only a truly evil person would do to harm their fellow man.

We need regulations from the gov in favour of net neutrality so the companies that provide access to the internet (in my opinion a necessity of modern life) can no longer take advantage and manipulate their customers.
Anyone against net neutrality is either insidious, nefarious, evil, or uninformed/misinformed.


This is the start of Orwell’s 1984. Lessons learned from Goebbels and their propaganda machine. Watch “A scanner darkly” and “Idiocracy”. These are movies and novels that foreshadow what an authoritarian government can do.

They warned us of this future run amok. Put on your tin-foil caps and consider the following. The epitome of our great demise, global warming. The end-goal almost seems the rich want to pollute the Earth so that humans die off, the remaining ones obviously the wealthy in this new world.


Scary shit but the chips are all falling in place. Beware the warning signs.

(this ws spawned from a comment i made in a Giz article:

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