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Education Crises in the USA causes many problems of today

The steps of mental development/maturity include;

1) Learning one’s environment (to know whats safe, what may benefit yourself, which brings to the next point)


2) Learning about yourself, that you exist in this environment, and what your desires and fears are.

3) Learning about that your actions affect your environment and yourself.

4) Finally, you learn that others exist (step 3 and 4 are interchangeable, one happens before the other but not always, and not everyone gets through all the stages)


Typically, a human discovers;
Stage 1) from ages 0-3
stage 2) from ages 3-15
stage 3 and 4) from ages 15-21 and 21-30.

Some life events can catapult you to other stages quicker, (ie: having a loved one die or birth of a child are common)


So by age 30 you should be political in that you now realize the world and your duty within it. Politics shouldn’t be difficult, they should be intuitive. I agree in that assessment. but everyone needs to participate, and they should have a basic education before doing so, voting shouldn’t be a right, i know that sounds absurd, it should be a privilege. the real hinder being not everyone gets a proper education, and that just isn’t right. the education system that exists is broken and is one of the first major changes that needs to happen to fix all our other problems that stem from it.

This reminds me of the Peter Principle. (one rises to level of incompetence and this is why your boss is incompetent. - its a flaw of the capitalistic system)


Unfortunately this means that republicans that have not yet developed into the maturity to understand that today’s world is a society, and they developed due to individuals coming together to share and benefit in sharing of resources, skills, and knowledge. humanity only exists in it’s successful stage due to our ability to socialize with one another.

Sadly you cannot educate iron ore into gold, and everyone has their limits, the sad reality being that if they cannot see out of this perspective, then nothing you can do or say will help them understand if they are unwilling to learn it!


When you don’t have a proper education, you cannot properly reason and come to proper conclusions. When the government fails at providing the required education to make these important decisions, it is a crises. When the government WANTS their constituents dumb, to continue voting for archaic beliefs, then it is malice.

What caused this? How did we get here?

Both arguments bear some weight from the left and right.

The left’s argument: Politicians run the heads of education (folks like Betsy Devos), are trying to reduce required grades, adding curriculum like creationism etc.


Also as Michael Moore pointed out, literally poisoning people with lead can cause issues in mental development.

The right’s argument: The over Politically Correct Liberal caused this
how? No child left behind (their feelings get hurt when we grade them properly or hold them back).


Where do we go from here?

It’s hard to solve this one as getting the proper education means having the proper people in charge, which requires a proper education. It’s a vicious cycle and sadly other than “fluke” I don’t see how this will correct itself.
Perhaps first step is to fix the electorate system. If Bernie Won the votes (which he would have if not for superdelegates) then perhaps Trump wouldn’t have won.
In my opinion the republican party needs to die and be replaced with a more sensible party with socialist views. I don;t want a one party system, but when most arguments come down to right and wrong, and we have supporting data on a proper resolution, then why is there room for debate at all?


Well here’s the light at the end of the tunnel..

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