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Time Travel: Is it possible? (Philosophy)

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In a thread conjecturing about Santa and how he delivers his presents I got to thinking.


“If he has a time travel machine he can just show up at the next second in time at the next location. Or rather than second, a fraction of a second later. If you have an infinitely accurate time travel machine, you could choose any decimal fraction of a second to show up at a moment in time you hadn’t yet visited.

In essence we do not exist between these seconds and yet as a whole we exist (this is the collapsing of waves, but waves only exist with the dimension of time, without time nothing exists).


I think the most difficult part of inventing a time machine is determining where/when you come out. If you pick a point in time to jump to, but the earth is moving through space at 30 km/s, then even jumping a few seconds means you’re going to be in the stratosphere, or jump a few hours and you’re out in space. Not to mention our solar system is moving, and our galaxy is moving, etc... i imagine if one jumps through time, they jump relative to a constant center of time/universe relative to the big bang nucleus. So calculating precisely from that location/time seems like a daunting task being that we don’t have finite numbers for the big bang time/location, only estimates put forth using math, and the margin of error is in the order of about 120 million years.

So even if we could theoretically time travel, the amount of accuracy we require almost requires us to visit the calibration point manually, which in itself, is a paradox.


So yes, time travel can happen but never will, because it hasn’t, otherwise it would’ve.

Confusing? Fun? A little of both.”

A fellow replied we might be able to use beacons if we place them on earth at specific points in time/space. This would still require you to visit said time/location but it’s a starting point to calibrate from.

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